Bitcoin Robos


Hey, you! I loved the fact that you love exploring and wanted to have a Bitcoin Robo on the Bitcoin Ordinal history. Let’s get on to it. We are already listed on MagicEden, here’s the link.

The cost in total is averaging about $28. We will have some Bitcoin Robos in the treasury to round the total off to 77, but the funds for that will go from the treasury.

What must you do to prepare yourself for the Bitcoin Robo?

Just go to and create a wallet.
REMEMBER: You will have to keep the seed phrase safe always because if you lose that, the access to the wallet will be gone because this is not like a traditional wallet, but it is one within the website itself.

Just to add it to the form, here is where you send the cost.

Address to pay APT:

Address to pay USDT (TRC20):

Address to pay SOL:

Address to pay in Bitcoin:

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