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August 30, 2023

Announcing AptoFolio – The Ecosystem Directory of Aptos products!

Announcing AptoFolio! Everything the Aptos ecosystem has built, to date.

AptoFolio is a community-built directory of products, protocols, and projects that are currently live on Aptos, and catering to users on the Aptos blockchain ecosystem.

There has been a certain disconnect in the ecosystem in terms of users not being able to find out what’s new and what’s happening, and we at AptoRobos try to keep users informed, but a single page helping out was always the best way to it.

Currently while announcing this resource, we have close to 80 products on Aptos, and there wasn’t a single place where someone who wants to explore the ecosystem could find them. The reason for building AptoFolio was when we had something similar on another blockchain and how easy it was for someone new to the chain, not just any user but also for a builder to understand what they could get inspired from, or what they would be competing.

The AptoFolio ecosystem directory has products from different categories including yet not limited to NFT, DeFi, Wallets, Gaming, Social, Tools, Infrastructure, Explorers, Bridges, Marketplaces, etc.

This is a curated and refined list based on what each of them is offering, and if it makes sense to have them introduced to any of the new users that Aptos might be getting. We did our best to discuss each of these products before getting them added to the list, but would always love to have some feedback from everyone if they think there’s a product/protocol missing in AptoFolio. You can DM AptoRobos on Twitter, or join our Discord server and open a ticket.

Also, some fun for projects and their communities – Here’s how!

While the homepage of AptoFolio will have projects randomized each time you reload the page, the categories will have projects based on the number of upvotes they get. So, push your community members to vote for your project and there’s no competition on this but it always boosts the morale when you see your community rooting and voting for you!

The Future Plan with AptoFolio

This is just the start. In the future, we plan to have dedicated pages for each of the products listed there, have their roadmaps and plans, team info, images/screenshots, and delivered utilities all on a single page.

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