AptoRobos - The Close Alpha Community on Aptos

AptoRobos represents a community of 1111 Aptos legends, the best minds on the Aptos Ecosystem, teaching and learning, and the Robos are exploring uncharted territories. Want to join the Roboverse?

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What is AptoRobos?

AptoRobos represents a community of 1111 Aptos legends, the best minds on the Aptos Ecosystem, teaching and learning, and the Robos are exploring uncharted territories, having the best time at their favorite happy place.

We didn’t really give a major emphasis to the art initially, but realized at a point, the Robos need to sit right there as PFPs.

I have been doing the best of my writing to help people in the Aptos ecosystem, help with the research, help bring newer people in here and make them feel at home the moment they are here (trust me, it’s not easy for anyone to enter a new chain). But, AptoRobos is where I personally will be available for the holders to get some hot alpha, knowledge, and maybe get back the same. That’s the reason why COMMUNITY will be the biggest utility.

Who's behind AptoRobos?

I’m Chetan Bhawani, and AptoRobos is my idea to have the best community in the Aptos Ecosystem. To give you a quick introduction about myself, I am a Dentist but I have been always passionate about technology, so it was a side-gig of mine to write and talk about technology and gadgets, on publications and on YouTube as well. 

While we are a team that brainstorms, learns, and plans for the times ahead, I am the face of AptoRobos. Read the blog below to find out why I started AptoRobos.

Chetan Bhawani


Phase 01


Community buildup, social presence, explaining the purpose, values, and benefits of being a part of the AptoRobos community. Setting up for the mint, choosing the best individuals to be a part of the community.

Phase 02

Mint and Marketing

Mint scheduled for Week 2-3 of February 2023. The pre-mint marketing will be done with collaborations across different chains to bring more eyes to Aptos. This is one of the major reasons for a free mint.

Phase 03

Holder setup, Settling

Verification of holders, followed by initial setup and intros. Post-mint setup of the server with the needed channels, tools, etc.

Phase 04

Robo Spaces

Weekly Robo Spaces with an update from all around the NFT space, Aptos, and other Blockchains. Special guests to discuss projects and the general vibe in the NFT world.

Phase 05

Early Access to Stories

Researched stories including "The State of Aptos NFTs" and monthly updates will be available for holders 24 hours before it is made available to the public.

Phase 05

AMA, Reviews, Education

Vetting the upcoming projects in NFT and DeFi space, reviewing them for our holders. Holder-only AMA sessions with project founders.

Phase 05

Collabs, Whitelists

Collaborating with other Aptos projects, and probable cross-chain partnerships with full transparency. Regular Whitelist or NFT giveaways for holders.

Phase 05

Art Support, Next Phase Initiation

One of the plans for the future phases would be to support individual artists and help them to get involved in the art of future phases of AptoRobos.

Phase 05

The Future?

Towards the end of 1st phase, we would share the plans for the next phase, including the art. Though, too early to spill the beans here.

AptoRobos is a free mint for a reason. We have some amazing plans but don’t expect the holders to have unrealistic expectations. We have been finalizing a lot of details, working on ideas and filling up papers with a lot of them, and then throwing those into the trash, rewriting them, and so on. The roadmap above is a rough idea of what we have in the plans though.

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